Based on valuable practical experience of our management and staff, we can offer our broad range of Consulting services to all Government Organizations, NGO's and Commercial Farmers in our territory of activities. This can be performed by Phone, Email, Social Media, Virtual Conferences and/or in-person Meetings. Some of our Consulting Services are as follows:

  • Farm Designs
  • Fertilization Strategies
  • Soil Texture Corrections
  • Inputs Recommendation
  • Economical Plans
  • Environmental Issues
  • Profitable Farming
  • Irrigation Issues

Field Visits/Scouting

Our experienced Agronomists would carry out field visits with their best of knowledge and equipped with latest sampling and analysis devices to improve the existing conditions of the subject farm to its highest level of productivity and profit, based on farmer's request, inputs and desires. 
Our Field Visits cover the following options: 

  • Data Analysis
  • Soil Fertility Sampling
  • Plant Health Issues
  • Pesticide Usage Advice
  • Alternative Farming
  • Water Usage Advice
  • Water Sampling
  • New Products' Trials

Field Services

We can handle a variety of different Field Services, based on outcome of our Field Scouting, some of which are as follows:

  • Fertilizers Application
  • Pesticides Application
  • BioProducts Application
  • Irrigation Installations
  • Machinery Services
  • Mechanical Services
  • Harvesting Services
  • Logistic Services

Precision Agriculture

We use the latest Technology in Fields of Agricultural Scouting to make sure the data obtained are precise:
  • Diagnostic Equipment
  • Tensiometers
  • Soil Fertility Measuring
  • Use of Drone Sprayers
  • Hi-Tech Greenhouses
  • Hi-Tech Irrigation
  • Nursery Technologies
  • Water Management

Agricultural Services You Can Trust

We help growers achieve the highest yields with the most sustainable solutions possible.

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